Just some of the ways you can use a pestemal

At Aegean Loom we think this humble piece of cloth called a pestemal is the most versatile cloth on the planet.
There are so many ways you can use a Pestemal, so here are a few of the ways I think they come into their own.

The first, would have to be used as a beach towel, days are gone when you would shake of the sand clinging

on to a wet heavy towel.

Then there’s the travel towel, they are perfect for travelling with. Roll them up, pop them into your luggage and

you barely know they’re there.

Next I would have to say, their brilliant for a shawl when the weather is a little chilly or used as a sarong poolside

or at the beach. I haven’t even mentioned how stylish and good looking they’re.
You can find pestemals that can be used as throws, baby blankets, table cloths and gym towels to name just a few.
The uses are endless but, if you replace them for your old towels in the bathroom, trust me, you won’t look back.

They dry so quickly and Aegean Loom towels are all certified organic cotton so that makes them so much

more absorbent.

Sandy x



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