Here is an exciting sustainable business that is leading the way with its beautiful woven towels and pestamals. Made from Certified Organic Cotton and a blend of linen or bamboo. Founder Sandra Huckell fell in love with the craftsmanship she discovered in Turkey and made it her mission to share these beautiful hand crafted products through her online business Aegean Loom.

All the textiles sold through Aegean Loom are woven on old-style shuttled looms using natural materials, such as GOTS certified organic cotton, linen, bamboo and silk. All fibres used are Turkish, the artisans are Turkish and all the weaving is done in Turkey. Just 20 years ago, weaving villages around Turkey were full of old-style shuttled looms, many found in family homes. Most of these small businesses have over time gone bankrupt when large manufacturers started to mass produce.

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Aegean Loom, supports the weavers who create handmade, hand loomed Turkish towels and peshtemals. The quality designs are detailed and unique and are far superior to the manufactured products that look the same. Artisans are located in small villages scattered from the south to the southeast of Turkey, and they preserve the ancient art of weaving, by increasing production and bringing a sense of honour back into the profession.



Sutlach peshtemals

Hand-weaving a textile results in a higher quality product than factory-made goods. It benefits individual artisans, weaving families and impacts positively on the community. By encouraging and supporting artisan products we decreases our carbon footprint on the planet. Factories can produce up to 30,000 boucle towels in the same time it takes one artisan to make one boucle towel by hand but these can last up to 25 years if cared for properly. Today, 99.9% of the towels made around the world are made on large machines in large factories.

Organic cotton is not exposed to harsh chemicals making its absorbency and durability superior to its non organic counterpart. It gets better with age and softer with every wash.
These would have to be the most versatile woven cloth on the planet, there are so many uses for them from, a picnic rug, perfect for a beach towel, a sarong, a wrap, a shawl, a scarf, take them to the gym, there perfect for traveling as there so light to pack. You can use them to throw over the pram or use them for a baby wrap

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain

Make your towel a woven one

IMG_2713Founder Sandra Huckell shares her home sustainable tip

“I like to buy Fair Trade products where possible although this is sometimes easier said than done. Many Fair Trade products are also organic, which means the environment, as well as the farmers, have been given a “fair go”.

Written by Natascha Moy

Shared by Sandy @ Aegean Loom

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