Why I love hand loomed towels

You know the feeling when you purchase something so exquisite that you marvel in the workmanship and the hours that must go into making it, and you love it and always will love it. Well this is how I feel about Aegean Looms hand loomed towels and pestemals.

Hand loomed towels

Mass produced factory towels, and lets face it 99% of the towels on the market today are made in a factory. They are made on machines that can churn out 30 thousand a day, even the very high-end designer fashion label towels are mass produced and made in a factory.

These towels give you a little lift for a little while, and brighten up your bathroom for a little bit, but shortly after they turn crunchy and stiff and feel rough on the skin and always look stiff hanging on the towel rail.

Hand Loomed towels are made differently; they are made by one weaver working on one shuttle loom. They are made slowly and this way the integrity of the cotton thread stays intact, making the towels structure more robust and far outlasting a towel made on a machine.

A very competent weaver will make 6 or 7 pestemals a day only and when you compare this to what the factories make per day and what people are paying for mass produced products, I know which one I would choose

xl chick check organic cotton towel

Like anything, good quality is an investment, a poor man pays twice, but you will be rewarded with each and every wash with a towel or pestemal that is always soft and will never smell musty. Our thick looped towels will last upwards of 20 years, no joke


A hand loomed towel is so much better. I love the utter luxury of organic cotton because after each and every wash its always softer


Sandy x

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