Why you should go Turkish for the best organic towels

Towels are one of those household items that are always there when you need them.

You get out of the shower, and there they are.
You spill some water, reach for the towel.

Not to mention the linen cupboard full of past colour schemes that make an appearance whenever the in-laws come to visit.

But, while we’re used to towels just ‘being there’, it might surprise you to know that a towel isn’t always just a towel!  Choosing the best organic towel requires some insider knowledge on what to look for.

Sure, it’s easy to pop to the local mall to accommodate the influx of house guests arriving next holidays. Or next time you’re changing the colour scheme to pick up something low cost that ‘does the job.  But contrary to what you might believe, as far as towels are concerned, cheap doesn’t always mean cheerful, indeed the best organic towels are an investment that can last for decades.

While buying less expensive towels may feel like you’re getting a bargain, they are likely to end up costing you more in the long run.

To make sure you spend your money wisely, here are some important points to consider when buying towels and why you should always look for 100% organic Turkish towels.

Cotton towels

As one of the most absorbent natural fibres, cotton is the most popular material used to manufacture towels. The quality of the cotton is, therefore, a direct reflection of the quality of the towel.

By quality, we mean how soft it is, how absorbent it is (remembering the whole purpose of a towel, this is key!) and how long the colour holds.

And we can’t forget the disparity between organic and conventional cotton. Organic is without a doubt better for us, and far better for the environment.

Best organic towels certified organic cotton.

Higher quality cotton means higher quality towels.


GSM is an acronym for grams (of cotton) per square metre and is information that can be found on the label of most towels.

The higher the GSM, the thicker the cotton and the more water the towel can absorb (which is what you’re essentially paying for).

When looking for the best organic towels check for a GSM of at least 600 to ensure you’re buying a good quality product that will last.

Anything less than 300 GSM means that the towel will absorb less water, will take longer to dry holding onto bacteria, and won’t be as soft.

100% organic Turkish towels are upwards of 900 GSM which increases their absorbancy while remaining soft and smooth with every use.

organic cotton face cloth

For the best quality towels look for a minimum of 600 GSM

Excess cotton fibres

Excess cotton fibres are standard when you first use new towels and usually subside after one or more washes. This residue isn’t an indication of a poor-quality towel, in fact, quite the opposite.

The higher the GSM, the more cotton has been used to make the towel. Accordingly, excess cotton threads are normal for garments that haven’t been ‘combed’. As long as your towel has been washed before use, don’t worry if you’re still shedding cotton after three or four washes.


The absorbency of cotton makes it the most obvious material in the manufacture of towels but always read labels correctly.

If the label reads ‘made with’ cotton instead of ‘100% cotton’, it’s likely to be manufactured from a combination of synthetic or poorer quality fibres which will reduce the overall effectiveness and sustainability of your towel.

Even though Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton are known as the most superior cottons in the world, if a towel is only ‘made with’ Turkish cotton, you can’t assume it’s a 100% organic Turkish towel and you may not be getting what you pay for.

Why go Turkish when choosing the best organic towels?

When choosing bath towels, those made from 100% organic Turkish cotton are the most caring for your skin, your health and the environment, while offering a luxury experience every time.


100% organic Turkish cotton is well known for its absorbency, but it’s not ‘too’ absorbent as other high-quality cottons can be. This means it doesn’t take as long to dry and will remain softer on your skin for longer. Cheap towels tend to get that sandpaper feel over time, and you will never get this with an authentic Turkish towel.


Turkish Peshtemal towels are smaller and lighter than traditional thick Luxe Turkish towels, but they’re still extremely absorbent. The combination of the lighter-weight product and its efficiency makes pestemals light enough to use as a blanket, sarong, rug, or baby blanket! With each towel uniquely hand-crafted, the stunning prints can even be used to decorate your home.

Kaleidoscope Organic cotton hand towel

Smaller and lighter than normal towels but still extremely absorbent.


Turkish cotton traditionally has longer fibres than any other cotton. This means there are less joins in 100% organic Turkish towels which is where weaknesses can occur in mass manufactured towels.  The quality of the cotton also means that the more you wash them, instead of becoming less absorbent and rougher as standard towels do, they become softer on your skin.

The ideal travel accessory

Turkish Peshtemal towels are lightweight so they dry quickly making them ideal for travel anywhere in the world. They don’t take up too much space or excess weight, and they avoid the common travelling problem of damp towels in your luggage. They’re also versatile and can double as a blanket, scarf or sarong.

Ethical shopping

While not all Turkish towels are created equally, here at Aegean Loom we are fully committed to fair trading. All our 100% organic Turkish towels are individually handmade by Turkish artisans on traditional Turkish looms. The more intricate and vibrant the design, the more effort and energy taken to create. Some of our unique products have taken up to a week to produce.

While it may be quick and easy to grab some cheap towels from your local department store, taking the time to research the the towels you buy, what they are made from and how they are made can be a rewarding experience. The 100% organic Turkish towels we source are hand crafted with some of the world’s highest quality cotton giving you a luxurious, sustainable and non-toxic product that lasts many years, and looked after properly won’t wear with age.

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