The thought wouldn’t leave my mind

I love reading about small businesses starting out, hearing their stories of how they got off the ground. Perhaps you are wondering, how was Aegean Loom born?

It almost always, starts off with a little idea, so I thought I’d share mine.

We purchased these three hand loomed towels in 2014 on a holiday to Istanbul.   When I got home I couldn’t wait to show some friends how beautiful the towels were and I told them all about the workmanship that goes into every towel. Even my husband showed them off, in awe of the sheer amount of work and dedication spent creating one exquisite towel. Strangers would also come up to me at the beach and say, “Ohh I love your towel” and of course I would share the story of the towel, elaborating on how they were woven by hand on shuttle looms.

It took another year of thinking… could I bring these towels to Australia? Would people understand these are not like any ordinary towel? Would people pay for this exceptional quality?

I then started researching and sourcing suppliers and took another trip to Turkey. Soon after Aegean Loom was born. I’m striving to bring you the beautiful and unique in everyday items

But It all came about from these three beautiful towels, picked up whilst on holiday.

Sandy @aegeamloom x

Aegean Loom Australia

Aegean Loom – the towels that started it all


Aegean Loom Australia

Plush, thick, hand loomed towels – the talking point that got my business idea started. 





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