Hi, I’m Sandy Huckell, the founder of Aegean Loom. From my first visit to Turkey 25 years ago I discovered care, passion and craftsmanship that went into creating traditional handwoven Turkish Towels and fell in love!

For over three years we have been collaborating with Turkish artisans to create the most beautiful, luxurious and ethically produced hand loomed towels that we bring to Australia for you to enjoy.

I believe there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than slowly handmade products.

They whisper a love-soaked message in your ear about their amazing journey to get to you, embedded with secrets and techniques passed on from generation to generation. It has a soul that no factory produced product ever could. That is why I am so passionate about keeping the exquisite and masterful craft alive and protecting it from being taken over by mass-production.

Towels made to last the test of time

Our towels are small batch, limited edition designs, created for the discerning, stylish, sustainability conscious woman who believes in buying less of what she doesn’t need and investing in quality, luxurious products that she can love.

Our towels can last 20-30 years if looked after properly and will remind you of a time when quality products were made to last, not build to expire to promote consumerism.

I am incredibly passionate about products that will last and last and be treasured for years to come. I believe we need more products which are carefully picked out and hold a place in your heart, not just another item on a receipt you forgot you purchased.

Learn more about our Weavers and how our towels are handmade.